Addresses and phones

Dear Users!

To provide the necessary information you may use the State Security Service’s (SSS) helpline number (+99412) 405 99 99 and the hotline number 1656 (the personal information of the caller will not be published in case of need). The provided information must relate the following:
- Crimes done, being or planning to be prepared and the person (persons) who has done, has been planning or prepared those crimes which preliminary investigation are carried out by SSS.
- Accidents or actions threatening national security or other related cases.
All the information which can be used for ensuring the security of the Republic of Azerbaijan and its citizens, for providing suppression of the intelligence or subversive activity of foreign special services, terrorist actions and other threatening activities is very important for us.
The helpline (+99412) 405 99 99 and hotline 1656 are open 24/7.


A person provided false information about terrorist activity or other crimes will be brought to justice.

State Security Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan:

AZ1006, Baku city, Parliament avenue 14.
phone: (+99412) 405 99 99
fax: (+99412) 405 92 22
hotline: 1656

Department of public relations:

phone: (+99412) 493 76 22
fax: (+99412) 493 76 22