Information of the Public Relations Department of the State Security Service

Official 08 September 2021


Persons who joined illegal armed groups have been arrested

As a result of operative-investigative measures carried out by the State Security Service, persons involved in an illegal armed group in the territory of a foreign state were detained and brought to justice.

Based on the investigation undertaken, it was revealed that the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan - Jumayev Mansur Mammadali, born in 1980, and Jahangirov Nasir Gachay, born in 1971, participated in the activities of the illegal armed group outside the country.

The investigation established that Mansur Jumayev and Nasir Jahangirov left the country in 2011 to join an illegal armed group and entered a criminal group led by a person nicknamed "Saladin" and took part in combat training and operations as part of the armed group.

Mansur Jumayev and Nasir Jahangirov have been charged under Articles 12.1, 279.1 (participation in the activities of illegal armed groups outside the Republic of Azerbaijan) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan and remanded in custody by a court decision.

The named persons confessed to the crime during the investigation and expressed their sincere remorse.

Investigative-operational measures are underway in connection with the criminal case.

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