İnformation of the Press service of the State Security Service

Official 20 May 2022


The person involved in illegal armed groups abroad is arrested

As part of a comprehensive operation carried out by the State Security Service to combat international terrorism, substantive suspicions on participation in armed conflicts abroad where terrorist acts were committed on a religious hatred basis were established about Akif Aydin oglu Osmanov, a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan born in 1977, who was earlier detained in the territory of Turkey with a fake passport under the name of Ilyorjon Isanov, citizen of Uzbekistan, in connection with suspicions on participation in a terrorist organization operating in the Republic of Turkey but later released due to the lack of evidence.

As a result of the criminal investigation reliable evidence was established that Akif Osmanov was trained in a special camp in Atma, Syria and after mastering the firearms and explosives skills – motivated by religious hatred - participated in the activities of an illegal armed group named “Azeri Jamaati”, received a shrapnel wound during the fight for the Sheikh Suleyman settlement, in order to freely move to other countries and thus escape the criminal responsibility was then provided with a fake passport of a citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan by a terrorist organization and travelled through various countries with that passport.

Akif Osmanov was detained on suspicion under Articles 12.1 and 279.1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan (creation of armed formations or groups not provided by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as participation in their creation and activity, use of weapons, ammunition, explosives, provision of military equipment) and was remanded in custody by a court decision.

The criminal case is currently under way.

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