İnformation of the Press service of the State Security Service

Official 31 May 2022


The person offering an interception of WhatsApp correspondence has been exposed

The information disseminated in social networks and the media about intercepting and tracking third - party WhatsApp conversations using cyber interference by the people who manage Instagram page “Aztechnolog” in exchange for financial gain was investigated by the State Security Service.

It was established that resident of Baku Asgarov Arif Hamid oglu, born in 2000, registered on the social network “Instagram” under the nickname “Aztechnolog” ( by deliberately posting false electronic address (link) for accessing and tracking of WhatsApp correspondence on the page for a certain amount of money, those wishing to use the service transferred money to Arif Asgarov`s bank account and sent a copy of the payment receipts to the mentioned İnstagram page, but then all the attempts to contact the person managing the relevant page failed and citizens did not receive any service in return.

Thus, utilizing illegal technical means for accessing the confidential information Arif Asgarov frandulently took possession of the funds of 394 individuals.

Arif Asgarov was prosecuted within a criminal case initiated by the State Security Service.

An investigation is now underway.

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