İnformation of the Press service of the State Security Service

Official 15 July 2022


The State Customs Committee’s officials’ illegal actions were prevented

On June 10th, 2022 State Security Service carried out complex operational-investigative measures within an initiated criminal case based on the information about violation of the customs legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan alongside with committing illegal acts detrimental to the activity of the state authorities and harmful to the rights and privileges of the citizens protected by law.

As a result of investigations, reasonable suspicions were established that Khalilov Ehtiram, who works as the director of “Azerterminalcomplex” union under the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan, intentionally abused his authority contrary to the interests of the service in order to gain an illegal advantage in the performance of his official duties. In violation of the rules for the organization and implementation of customs auctions established by law, ensured the assessment and sale of goods and vehicles that have been transferred to the state below their real value, according to the agreement reached in advance with individual persons, causing significant damage to the interests of the state and in exchange for these illegal actions repeatedly received large amounts of bribes from his subordinates S.A.Gulamov, R.Ch.Hajiyev, S.F.Taghiyev, E.V.Ibrahimov, T.D.Panahov, S.H.Abdullayev, I.M. Musayev, E.Y. Humbatov, A.S. Aliyev and other persons.

According to the criminal case, Ehtiram Khalilov was charged with criminal liability under articles 308.1 (abuse of official powers), 311.3.2, and 311.3.3 (repeatedly receiving large bribes) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan and was arrested by a court decision on June 22.

In additions grounds were established that the Deputy Head of the General Customs Department for Energy Resources and Sea Transport of the State Customs Committee Rashad Babayev and Head of the Department of Control of Road Taxes and Permit Forms of the General Department of Customs Tariff Regulation and Payments Shukur Safarov, acting in collusion, in their official capacity ensured the unhindered entry through the border checkpoints of large and heavy foreign trucks which require a special permit to enter into the territory of the country and in exchange for this repeatedly received large amounts of bribes from the owners of these trucks through the intermediates. Rashad Babayev and Shukur Safarov were charged under articles 311.3.1, 311.3.2, and 311.3.3 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan (repeated acceptance of a large amount of bribe by a group of persons who colluded in advance) and on July 1, the court issued pre-trial detention order for them.

At the same time during the course of the investigation reasonable grounds on large scale embezzlement of the state budget by actions of the Head of Investigation Department of the State Customs Committee Rasulov Masum Eynali oglu who in violation of his service duties and in collusion with other authorized officials of the State Customs Committee intentionally transferred moneys to “Azerbaijan Legal Consulting International Services” LLC, “Nanoc” LLC, “Vega-Servis” LLC, “Megan Group” LLC, “Omega Servis IKO” LLC, “Delta Servis IKO” LLC and other companies under the name of advertising, training and technical services and after rendering of non-existing services laundered and emblezzed those moneys.

Masum Rasulov was charged under the Articles: 179.4 (misappropriation of large state funds) and 308.1 (abuse of power) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Criminal investigation is undergoing.