İnformation of the Press service of the State Security Service

Official 14 November 2022


The spy network of Iran's special services was exposed

The State Security Service continues complex operational-investigative measures in order to expose the spy network and prevent the intelligence-disruptive activities carried out by the representatives of the special services of the Islamic Republic of Iran against the Republic of Azerbaijan.

As a result of the measures carried out, it was established that Asgarov Zahir Fakhreddin oglu, who worked as a ship captain in the Caspian Sea Oil Fleet, was involved in secret cooperation by the representatives of the special service of the country in exchange for financial compensation during his religious education in Qom, Iran. During the past period, he collected information about the companies and representative offices of foreign countries operating in our country, the location and time of the exercises conducted by the Navy in the Caspian Sea, and the cargoes transported to the oil rigs in order to use them to the detriment of the sovereignty and defense capability of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Zahir Asgarov committed treason against the state in the form of espionage by providing the mentioned information through a mobile phone, as well as directly during meetings with those persons in Iran.

Another investigation established that while Rasulov Elnur Akif oglu was in Iran for treatment in 2018, he agreed on secret cooperation with the representatives of the special service of this country, who introduced himself under the aliases of “Meyse” and “Doctor”. Elnur Rasulov, first directly, and then through his relative Rasulov Arif Amrah oglu, whom he involved in secret cooperation, in exchange for payment of various amounts, passed information about the unmanned aerial vehicles belonging to the Ministry of Defense and the State Border Service, which were kept at the airports and the areas where the oil and gas pipelines pass in the Garadagh district of Baku city, unmanned aerial vehicles, tanks and various military equipment, equipment displayed at the “Technofest” Aviation, Space and Technology festival in Baku, strategic and military facilities located in Baku, as well as in Salyan and Fuzuli regions, anti-aircraft missile complexes, as well as other radar and control devices by sending photos and videos to the representative of the special service body through the “WhatsApp” instant messaging system.

At the same time reasonable suspicions were established that another citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan Bakhtiyar Aghazadeh while being in the Islamic Republic of Iran for his religious education committed high treason by initiating confidential cooperation with representatives of a special service body of Iran in exchange for financial interest by providing information to them about offices of foreign countries operating in Azerbaijan, public political processes occurred in the country, military units, their locations and assignments, as well as military staff.

It was also determined that Jafarzadeh Mirhafiz Mirisag oglu, who was issued an arrest warrant in 2018 by a court order and later added to the international wanted list, received instructions from Mammadov Orkhan Kemran oglu, who is currently in hiding in Iran, and provided the latter with the information detrimental to the Republic of Azerbaijan’s state security and defense capabilities specifying the location of the military objects and other related information through the Telegram messenger.

Citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan Zahir Asgarov, Elnur Rasulov, Arif Rasulov, Mirhafiz Jafarzadeh and Bakhtiyar Agazadeh were charged and arrested under Article 274 (treason) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

As a result of the investigation, groups under the names “Müzakirələr”, “Elanlar” and others were identified in the WhatsApp application, in which citizens of Azerbaijan were involved. They acted under the influence of Tohid Ibrahimbayli, Orkhan Mammadov, Elshad Hajiyev, who are in hiding in Iran and evading criminal responsibility.

It was established that contrary to human rights recognized by contemporary international law and in violation of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan radical, religious-extemist ideas calculated to create a religious state in Azerbaijan were distributed through these groups.

Currently, the State Security Service is continuing complex investigations and operation measures.