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Events 26 December 2022


Taleh Yusifov was extradited to Azerbaijan

İnvestigative activities are being undertaken under the criminal case initiated in connection with the facts of creation of illegal armed groups consisting of selected nationals of the Republic of Azerbaijan, provision of special military training to them coupled with inducing by radical-exstremist religious ideas outside of the borders of the country and engagement in committing of acts of terrorism and sabotage in the territories of different countries under the fake identities, all under the supervision and Iranian intelligence services.

During the preliminary investigation reasonable grounds were established that Yusifov Taleh Rashid oglu, a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan, born in 1967, using personal influence and communication capabilities and acting from the territory of the third contry participated in the activity of illegal group by organizing the draft of our citizens to the Huseiniyun” illegal armed group created within the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran and provided confidentiality and financing of these activities under alias of “Tagi”.

It was also determined that Taleh Yusifov crossed to the territory of Iran in early 2016 and participated in military exercises with various weapons as part of the illegal armed group they secretly created together with Safarov Yunis Rafik oglu (convicted), Asadov Rovshan Elchin oglu and others, and together with those people, they participated in foreign military exercises in the territory of Syria. They received special training by specialists from foreign countries on the planning of operational measures of a military nature accompanied by the application of special-purpose equipment, conducting intelligence work.

Taleh Yusifov was indicted under articles 12.1, 279.1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan (participation in the creation and operation of armed groups outside the Republic of Azerbaijan, not provided for in the legislation) and by the decision of the court, an arrest warrant was issued and an international search was announced for him.

As a result of the investigation, Taleh Yusifov’s hiding place was determined after he moved to the territory of a foreign country, and he was detained and extradited to Azerbaijan within the framework of the mutual legal assistance procedure for international search.

At the moment, the investigations of the criminal case are ongoing.

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