İnformation of the Press service of the State Security Service

Official 24 February 2023


Perpetrators of the crime of terrorist financing have been exposed

As a result of operational-investigative measures carried out by the State Security Service, Salahov Mirjavad Seyidagha, a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan, was detained on suspicion of committing criminal acts of financing terrorism as a member of the terrorist organization “ISIS”.

It was established that Mirjavad Salahov joined the ranks of the terrorist organization “ISIS” in the city of Raqqa of the Syrian Arab Republic and was sent to a special training camp and learned how to use firearms by participating in combat training. Later, he started working as an accountant in the “ISIS” terrorist organization, where he orchestrated provision of monthly financial assistance and food supplies to the acting members of this terrorist organization and their families, as well as provision of financial assistance to the wounded members and to the families of the killed in action members of this organization, and hid in other countries for some time to avoid a criminal responsibility.

It was also established that Salahov Mirjavad Seyidaga oglu was drafted to the terrorist organization “ISIS” by his brother Salahov Mirjalal Seyidaga oglu. Mirjalal Salahov was wounded in the course of military operations conducted by the said terrorist organization in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Mirjavad Salahov was charged under the articles 214-1 (financing terrorism), 283-1.3 (participation in armed conflicts outside the country), and Mirjalal Salahov was charged under the articles 283-1.1, 283-1.3 (involvement in armed conflicts and participation in such armed conflicts outside the country) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan and they were brought to criminal responsibility as accused persons and a pretrial detention measure was adopted for them.

At present, complex investigative and operational measures are ongoing.