İnformation of the Press service of the State Security Service

Official 16 May 2023


The persons involved in the secret cooperation with the Armenian special services have been exposed

The State Security Service continues complex investigations in the direction of prevention of intelligence-disruptive activities of foreign special services directed against the Republic of Azerbaijan.

As a result of the measures taken, Ahmadov Rashad Ahmed oglu, born in 1980, who was suspected of committing treason and planning to commit acts of terrorism and sabotage in Azerbaijan by settling in the territory of a third country and carrying out the tasks of Armenian special services, was detained and brought to criminal responsibility in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

It was determined that Rashad Ahmadov, by engaging in secret cooperation in exchange for financial interest, fulfilled the tasks given by the special services of the mentioned country to the detriment of the sovereignty, territorial integrity, state security and defense capability of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Rashad Ahmadov, together with Amirov Rovshan Musa oglu, born in 1991, and other persons, whom he recruited based on the assignments given to him, prepared video materials containing open calls for enmity on ethnic and religious grounds in our country and the fragmentation of the territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Those video materials were created by the Armenian special services and shared under their control on "YouTube" channels operating in the Azerbaijani language and other social networks.

Rashad Ahmadov, under the auspices of the Armenian special services, organized the distribution of 200 fake maps of the territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which were specially drawn up by Garnik Asatryan, head of the department at Yerevan State University, and others for the purpose of ethnic separatism among the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In addition, Rashad Ahmadov planned actions accompanied by the occurrence of explosions, fires and other socially dangerous consequences in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan in order to demonstrate the intention of the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan to cause riots on the basis of ethnic and religious grounds, identification of persons who will agree to commit terror acts, he also carried out other tasks assigned to him in the direction of involvement in activities and preparation of acts of terror and sabotage.

Ahmadov Rashad Ahmed oglu of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan 274 (treason), 28, 214.1 (preparation for terrorism) and 281.3 (open calls directed against the state on behalf of foreign organizations and their representatives), Amirov Rovshan Musa oglu 274 (treason) and Article 281.3 (open calls directed against the state at the behest of foreign organizations and their representatives) was brought to criminal responsibility and preventive detention was chosen.

Criminal investigations are ongoing.